VIA believes that every successful project begins with us listening to you.  You have a vision on what you feel needs to be accomplished and we want to learn what that vision is.  A successful website, social media campaign or learning solutions is more than just a great look and feel. Careful analysis of what you as a client wants and needs coupled with strategic execution are critical to the delivery of a successful solution. At VIA, our methodology joins targeted marketing with the best technology and design that speaks directly to your targeted audience.

We have 4 major phases within a project life cycle:

A goal without a plan is just a dream. That is why we have documented that we use over and over again to assure you and ourselves that any project we work on together will be a complete success.  Statistically it has been established that nearly seventy percent of all project fail in US companies.  Why is that?  We believe it starts with a good methodology that consists of a good plan and great communication.  If your employees have not had your business goals and objectives articulated to them they cannot be part of the solution.  At VIA we make sure that everyone is onboard with each and every project we start with you.

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