Social Learning Strategies

VIA can assist any organization with social learning as a part of our holistic approach to learning. Peer-driven learning has been happening for decades—at lunch, at the water cooler and in meetings. Web 2.0 technologies have just given it new life—and businesses a better means of managing and measuring it.  Organizational adoption of social media as a comprehensive learning strategy is one part software rollout, one part transformational change, and one part large scale corporate initiative.

During the creation of knowledge management systems it is always amazing to see how employees transfer knowledge to one another.  Power-points, Excel spread sheets, voice recordings and simple Word document just to name a few. Learning has changed and a workers and learners of all kinds want what they want when they want it delivered in several forms of media.

VIA’s Social Learning Approach

First, we conduct a discovery and analysis to determine your learning objectives and goals.  Next, we learn how your employees are already sharing information. Then, we recommend the right technology to support and promote knowledge transfer on a broader scale.

  • Identify audience communication and knowledge sharing practices upfront
  • Create a charter  to define the purpose of the social community and its promised user experience
  • Map current knowledge sharing practices to features or technologies most likely to be used by your audience
  • Design, develop and create relevant content to start your Social Learning Community
  • Employ professional community management resources to ensure Social Learning’s ongoing relevance and usefulness

In Social Learning we want to insure your complete success.  We make sure that we have fully defined what everyone is going to do in the charter, get approval from the stake-holders, make sure there is sufficient monitoring, remove useless content and only use relevant technology that focuses on the users’ needs and interest.  VIA believes Social Learning can be a real “game-changer” to empower your workers at the point of impact and increase overall productivity. The challenge is continual monitoring to deal with the challenges realize success.

VIA can help you harness technology and community-building best practices to create a useful and sustainable social learning program that improves business performance.