Holistic Learning

VIA takes a holistic approach to learning that is we do not approach learning challenges with pre-conceived ideas on what the final solution may be.  We are providers of custom online learning solutions; stand-up training, just-in-time training tools, mobile learning and instructor led training as well.

Our experience over the years has allowed us to create some models of efficiency that can be re-purposed but we start each and every project with a discovery and analysis campaign to determine the best possible approach to teach and empower your targeted audience with the skills they need to contribute to their organizations’ productivity.

VIA’s Learning Philosophy:

  • Learning must support business performance. The ultimate goal of learning investments is not learning for learning’s sake but enabling the application of acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work with resulting improvement in business performance.
  • Learning competencies must align with business strategy. Competencies (defined groupings of common, consistent knowledge and skills) are the unit of measure for performance capabilities. Learning must be structured to develop competencies that are aligned with and enable business strategy and goal accomplishment
  • Learning is the responsibility of the individual but is supported by the organization. It is the responsibility of all individuals to identify, capture and share important learning with others. The organization is responsible for providing direction, feedback, coaching and learning resources.

Learning is a process that occurs best over time, through multiple occurrences rather than one exposure; using multiple learning strategies rather than one approach. Learning is a process that occurs best in the context of work; is interactive; and is voluntary.

Interested in learning more?  Please contact us to see how we may be able to assist you with your learning needs.