Discovery & Analysis Design Process

To provide the appropriate customized solutions, we develop a detailed program informed by discovery, analysis and expertise.  Our Performance Consultants partner with our clients and leverage subject matter experts to make the appropriate recommendations and formulate a plan that will lead to a successful program initiative.

To ensure the success of any program, VIA has established several criteria:

  • Current Environment Analysis
    Our consultants start with a discovery and analysis session which maps out your current technology infrastructure, methods of communication, previous training experience, your employees’ technology aptitude and analyze your corporate culture to establish a baseline before the initiative takes place.
  • Impact Assessment
    Our consultants also access the impact the technology will have on your end-user population, your technology infrastructure, your culture and the challenges and risks involved in the initiative.
  • Comprehensive Solution Program Planning
    Our consultants then synthesize this data to make recommendations in the form of a comprehensive solution program that details all aspects of the technology change, end-users general learning styles and aptitudes and how our solution can ensure success if your initiative.

Benefits of the VIA’s Discovery and Analysis Design Process

  • Identify and document effective processes and best practices
  • Develop company-wide baseline performance level for the proper delivery platform
  • Develop a Performance Program with clear metrics