Learning Content

The role of learning in the workplace today is evolving to give workers anywhere, anytime learning tools and content.

VIA know that different people learn in different ways and learning does not have to be a formalized event to be successful.  We take a holistic approach to learning that delivers learning content that fits the need, delivered in the modality the learner want to receive it in.

That means learning may take place in a classroom, through a mobile telephone, online within a controlled environment with a content management and learning management or a combination of all of these types of learning.  Workers need to be empowered at the-point-of impact with explicit an tacit knowledge to learn quickly for the purpose of making a difference in their given market space.

VIA has years of experience in helping organization to improve the performance of their workforce.  Recently we have also added social learning to our mix for the purpose of reaching more people in less time within a collaborative environment.  Meeting the needs of the learner while improving the performance of the workforce is where VIA excels and surpasses the competition while meeting the  needs of our clients.