Website Strategy

Many website owners create a site without having a clear idea of their target audience. They may think it is one group, only to find that they are attracting a different set altogether. One thing may apply, though: even if the Internet reaches the world, the world is not your audience, but only its specific section.

When we work with clients on development of a website strategy the first thing we want to learn are who the members of your targeted audience are.  Once we know who the targeted audience is when can then go about learning more about that targeted audience through Discover and Analysis and can tailor our design and message specifically to the needs of that audience to have the greatest impact, producing the best results.

Our approach to the development of a web site strategy are as follows:

  1. Create a needs and priority assessment
  2. Identify the targeted audience and develop and design to their needs and wants
  3. Define the technical requirements
  4. Research how your competition in targeting the intended audience – set benchmarks
  5. Determine how we will measure performance
  6. Decide what your website will do
  7. How will your website stand above the competition? Chances are, there are already hundreds, if not millions, of other websites offering the same information, product or services. And chances are, they are so far ahead of your site: they dominate the search engines; they have built on customer awareness and have developed brands. People know them!

To do a website right it takes a lot of work but that work will pay-off if you can attract your intended audience, turn them into lead and lead into sales!  A good Web Strategy works with your business strategy to create a website that meets your business goals. Once you’ve started building a web presence, you want to think about how your website can improve your business. Strategy includes community, personalization, your content, ecommerce, even your intranets.

Are you ready to get moving establishing your Web Strategy?   Contact us and let’s get going!