Online Marketing Strategy

How are you going to get your visitors attention?

Are you going to offer them something they can see the moment they enter your website? Do you have a website that is so special or different from your competitors that you have brought them to a page like this? Or have they contacted you because you designed your website to get their attention and then casually brought them to a contact page, a product page or an order form page?  Do your visitors know where to go and what to buy when they first come to your website or are they offered multiple choices that have the same weight, the same bold font or the same sized image?

You need to consider this in your design and marketing strategies. The same way we build custom landing pages designed to convert visitors to customers we must be active and do the same when they come to your website. Once you have your website up you have to market your website and your web design to achieve the goals of the website. Your goals are your products, your services and/or your company.


Visitors to your website that are coming from a search engine are looking for something already, if you do not answer the question they typed, then they leave as quickly as they came.

Online Marketing targets the how, where and why visitors should be directed to a specific page and it makes them believe that they made the choice. They decided to click on the 3 Second-Page and read it. They made the choice. Now they can make more choices. They can go on to other pages, read more information or buy a product or service. The actual way the website is created and structures is what incorporates these principles.

Want to find out what we would do to ensure that we make a visitor a customer? Please contact us to start a discussion the best marketing strategy for your organization, or send us an email and we’ll tell you how we can help you with your ideas and how to implement them on the web.