Marketing Consulting

Media moves so fast today it is difficult to keep and know the right way to invest your money.  When it comes to impact and online marketing, VIA knows the tricks of the trade and can assist you with end-to-end marketing services.

Many firms state they know new media but many companies still invest in old mediums that really do not work today in a media-driven internet economy.  Fact-of-the matter is you or anyone else has about 6 to 8 seconds to attract a potential prospects attention.  After that, good luck trying to attract that potential again.  Potential is a difficult thing to measure that is why organizations need to anticipate what potential prospects want when trying to increase, brand, market share, website traffic and turning potential prospects into leads and eventually sales.

VIA starts any marketing project by getting to know your objectives.  We want to know, who is your target audience?  What are they looking for?  Where do they usually go on the Internet and how can you appeal to them with your unique value proposition?

Once there parameters are defined we begin with a marketing strategy tailored made to your company’s needs and the market you are trying to attract.  The market changes constantly and any strategy must be flexible to change with it.

It all starts with the understanding that marketing messages must be unique and fresh, changing all of the time.  We need to build a sense of trust that appeals to the masses and keeps your followers coming back over and over again.  Converting visitors into prospect, prospects into customers is what we strive to accomplish for our clients.

So, how do we get results?  There are many factors that go into play and most of them take time to develop.  That is why when we work with any client we plan for short-term, mid-term and long-term results.  Although changes can be made relatively quickly, results can often take time to surface. For this reason, you need a company who can help you set realistic goals, develop a plan and see it through.

VIA creates long lasting relationships where we analyze your results and tweak your marketing strategy.  We want to assist you in understanding your data, and how to make the right adjustments for success.